#Trending on Instagram – Catch up with Gladys Lo-Reynolds


Increasing follower count and likes are things that Gladys is familiar with, having just had her baby, she has become the epitome of a #fitmom. In between her hectic schedule juggling being a mom and a final-year student, I was able to ask her some questions about how she felt about social media.

What platform do you use the most? and how long do you spend on it?
Instagram and um… maybe around 2+ hours a day??

Do you think your content has changed over the time you’ve been on ig?
Yeah, I post more family stuff because of the change in status.

Do you think that your audience’s preference comes into play when posting content?
Definitely, I tend to post photos that I’ll get more likes on, but I keep my aesthetic and posts authentic to what I like.

Recently, marketing on these platforms have become a trend, what are you thought abouts about it, and if it’s effective?
I think it’s very effective because I have been on multiple sites because of them.. Sometimes you don’t even realize it’s sponsored because it looks like any other post.

What are your thoughts on the algorithm that lists more relevant pictures on top regardless of the timeline? Or even stories, e.g. fb story, ig story?
I think it motivates people to more more likable content and it’s definitely good for people who get a lot of attentions (blogs & companies) but not normal account, it’s hard to get exposure.

Recently has been an issue with fb live, given that there have been multiple streams of violent crimes, with all these updates to social media, do you think that the social media trends are heading in the right direction?
I think with every new inventions there will be people exploiting it for bad causes. I personally don’t see the appeal in live stream but I can see why some people like it

While being a mother and a student, Gladys also runs as a freelance artist under Cloud 9 Creative, creating commissioned-based portraits. Admitting that she just started working on her instagram, having recently become a mom her content has drastically changed to be focused on her familia life and her baby. Connecting her with other families and mothers-alike, Gladys seems to be having fun with it, curating them as photos that she (as an audience) would want to see.

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